7 Reasons to Switch to a PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Open Mesh Belt

No Burn, Better Savings on Resources

This is an easy quiz. Questions you have likely already considered, answered, and left still searching for better alternatives to. Ready?

  1. Does your company incur significant energy bills?
  2. Are you seeing your molded pulp or fiber products being rejected due to burn marks or metal particles?
  3. Are you using an expensive metal belt to convey your product through the drying oven?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then consider switching to a PTFE-coated fiberglass open mesh belt as an alternative. 

Customers who have answered, “Yes,” and implemented the PTFE-coated fiberglass open mesh belt solution have reported:

Open Mesh Belts Provide a Number of Advantages
  1. Drastic energy savings 
  2. No burn marks
  3. Greater production cycles
  4. Lower belt cost as compared to a steel belt
  5. Lower oven maintenance
  6. Lower cost for new ovens
  7. No metal particles produced

This type of PTFE-coated fiberglass open mesh belt has a proven track record within the drying ovens of the screen printing industry. The 1/4-inch openings in the belt allow the warm air to flow freely, drying the fabric evenly and efficiently. Producers of other everyday items, such as molded pulp egg cartons and packaging (candles are commonly packaged in paper pulp materials) successfully use this fiberglass open mesh belt in their manufacturing process.

An effective model to work by to maintain lower operating costs and less downtime involves having a designated employee who is trained in belt repair and maintenance to patch any tears you may see from time to time. It is required to maintain regularly scheduled cleaning, as this type of belt may burn if there is a flash fire within the drying oven. As such, we have created a belt repair and maintenance program. A Precision Coating & Coated Fabrics, Tapes, Belts’ engineer will train your employee to be equipped to make on-site belt repairs.

Based on years of experience, and sampling many products, we can offer market recommendation of what suits your needs for which application. Precision Coating & Coated Fabrics, Tapes, Belts also provides support for belt conversions.

Our PRECISIONMESH™ PC-30 Black or PC-30 Tan are ideal products for these applications. Contact us today for further details.