Teflon/PTFE Fiberglass Fabrics and Belting for Rubber Extrusion

The Best Choice for Custom and Complex Products with Your Rubber Extrusion Processes!

Rubber extrusion is the process of heating polymer materials and then pushing the material at a high pressure through a mold to enable the formation of different shapes and complex profiles. This process allows for customization in both shape and texture of products and parts, while also ensuring quality and durability.

Cooling and Pattern

Rubber Extrusion Allows for Customization in Color and Texture

There is a vast number of products, parts, and components that are formed from extruded rubber, including door and window seals, automotive seals, tubes, hoses, belts, and much more. In most cases, the freshly extruded product needs to cool, and requires a flat (or intentionally contoured) surface on which to cool, resulting in the freshly extruded material receiving a textured finish, by design, from the material it rests on top of.

Precision Coating & Coated Fabrics, Tapes, Belts uses conveyor belts that provide a cooling surface and can provide a pattern texture (from open mesh) if desired, or a smooth texture (from PTFE coated fiberglass solid fabric). In either case, the PTFE coating provides a non-stick surface that is resistant to both heat and adhesion of the freshly extruded material, ensuring the product will match the needs required by your project.

Key Considerations

  • Operating temperatures: temperatures should not exceed 500°F/260°C for PTFE and 450°F/232°C for silicone.
  • Coating type: both PTFE- and silicone-coated fiberglass are used in automotive extrusion.
  • Premium PTFE-coated glass is the usual choice to allow maximum release.
  • Silicone-coated fiberglass belts are generally used to impart texture onto the hot extrusion before cooling the product.
  • Occasionally, PTFE-coated fiberglass mesh is used on the initial cooling zone when a more defined pattern is required on the part before transferring onto a cooling belt.

Recommended Belting Materials

For conveying and cooling of extrusions, we recommend the following materials:

  • PC-10, PC-14
  • Open mesh—fiberglass styles are used for pattern imprint

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