PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabric and Belting—An Efficient Choice for the Food Processing Industry

Are You Utilizing Available Technologies to Their Fullest Potential?

If you aren’t making the most of the technologies available at your disposal, you are very likely to find yourself spending more time cleaning rather than producing. Does that sound like you?

PTFE-coated Fiberglass Fabric and Belting are Efficient Choices for the Food Industry

If yes, Precision Coating and Coated Fabrics, Tapes, Belts, recommends every food processing plant, bakery, or kitchen to consider using PTFE-coated fiberglass release fabrics and/or PTFE-coated fiberglass release belting somewhere in their process.

The range of food compliant PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics and PTFE-coated fiberglass belts available today provides safety and peace of mind to all food processors. There is less scrap material generated and the ease of cleaning helps bring down costs. A bottom line benefit of using these products in grilling, freezing, and baking applications is in maximizing productivity and throughput.

Continuous PTFE-coated fiberglass belting products provide the most consistent and reliable quality compared to other products.

Additional Benefits and Uses

We’ve listed some additional benefits of using a PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric or PTFE-coated fiberglass belt:

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to cleaning solutions
  • Ease of food release
  • Healthier cooking due to little to no fats or oils used in the cooking process
  • Durable and reusable
  • Consistent performance over a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Can be easily cut to specific sizes to fit your equipment

PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics and belts are best suited for a wide range of applications in the food processing industry, such as:

  • Package sealing
  • Baking
  • Freeze drying
  • Grill lining
  • Industrial baking or grilling
  • Vacuum drying
  • Food dehydration
  • Dough pressing
  • Pet food manufacturing
  • Contact grilling and roasting
  • Handling sticky ingredients

Consider testing and evaluating PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics and belts if you are involved in any of the above mentioned applications.

Open Mesh Belts May be the Best Solution for Your Conveyor Needs

Based on years of experience, and sampling many products, we can offer market recommendations for what suits your needs for which application. Our fabrics are made from woven fiberglass cloth with a clear PTFE coating. These plastic-coated fabrics are non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and are FDA compliant (21 CFR 177.1550). They are dimensionally stabile from -100°F to +500°F (-73°C to 288°C), and provide exceptional durability and extremely low elongation (<1%).

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