The PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Tape Solution for Polybag Manufacturers

Are You Struggling to Keep Polyethylene from Sticking to Your Heating Element during Polybag Manufacturing?

Manufacturing of polybags or plastic bags (pouches) is also known as flexible packaging. The industry term “polybag” is derived from its composition of polyethylene that is converted into film bags. Extruded poly films are heat-sealed and cut to form the end product. Polybag manufacturers are often faced with the issue of polyethylene sticking to their heating element. PTFE-coated fiberglass tapes can help solve that problem.

Poly Films are Heat-sealed and Cut to Form Polybags

Protecting the Heat-Sealing Elements

Polyethylene bags, primarily in the form of plastic pellets, are fed into a machine that heats and semi-liquefies the plastic. The machine extrudes the plastic into a thin film, which is then rolled into a large roll. The extruded poly film is fed into a polybag machine that forms, cuts, and seals the films along three edges. These machines typically use a heated blade to accomplish the heat seal. PTFE-coated fiberglass tapes are used to assist with the heat sealing and to protect the heat-sealing elements from polyethylene sticking to them.

Features that Make PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Tapes the Perfect Choice

  • High operating temperatures, up to 500°F
  • Silicone or acrylic adhesive systems, depending on the operating temperatures
  • “Zone Tape” option—where there is adhesive on the edges and a “zone” in the center without the adhesive
  • Availability of different thickness options: .003”, .005”, .006” & .010”; the most common thickness that is used on the heat-sealing equipment is .006”
  • Ability to handle high abrasion levels
  • Widths up to 36”
  • 18- or 36-yard roll length
Choosing the Right Tape Provides Optimal Results

Choosing the Right Product

The best way to determine the correct tape is to sample different thickness options within your process. This will eliminate the guesswork and help you choose the tape that provides optimal results for your polybag manufacturing process.

Based on years of experience, and sampling many products, we can offer market recommendations for what suits your polybag manufacturing needs. Contact us to obtain samples for your evaluation today!