The Best PTFE Material for Industrial Curing or Drying Applications

PTFE-Coated Open Mesh Fabrics and Belts Offer Exceptional Performance

PTFE-coated open mesh fabrics and belts (PRECISIONMESH) provide outstanding performance for a variety of applications serving many different industries. These fabrics and belts are manufactured from proprietary woven fiberglass substrates that have been heavily coated with PTFE (also known as Teflonä). The resulting products are:

  • Significantly stronger
  • More resistant to corrosion
  • Produce better airflow for faster curing and drying

What Is PTFE?

PTFE-Coated Open Mesh Fabrics and Belts Offer Exceptional Performance

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), is a fluorocarbon plastic in which the hydrogen normally found in association with carbon in organic materials has been replaced with fluorine. The derived polymer possesses a number of unique properties, including:

  • Inertness to most chemicals
  • Fire resistance (will not support a flame)
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction (second only to ice)
  • Superior non-stick properties
  • Flexibility
  • Extreme heat and cold resistance
  • Outstanding electrical insulation/dielectric properties
  • Resistance to ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, and radio frequency

Characteristics of PTFE-Coated Open Mesh Fabrics and Belts

PRECISIONMESH PTFE-coated open mesh fabrics and belts are engineered to retain the distinctive properties of PTFE. However, by adding a fiberglass fabric to the matrix, these products also provide the added benefits of:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Durability
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Extremely low elongation

PRESICIONMESH products have also received USDA approval for food processing and handling in addition to being FDA compliant to 21 CFR177.1550—making them ideal for applications with operating temperature ranges of -100 F (-73C) up to 500 F (260 C).

Typical Applications for PRECISIONMESH Open Mesh Fabrics and Belts Are:

  • Curing, drying, smoking of poultry, meat, fish, and vegetables
  • Dehydration of poultry, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit
  • Manufacturing of abrasive wheels
  • Industrial drying and curing
  • Screen print drying process
  • Additional applications exist; contact your Precision Coating representative for specific information

What Is Needed to Obtain a Quote?

  • Select your ideal width
  • Select your length
  • For belting applications, select your splicing and edging requirements

If you are unsure of what your ideal specifications are, reach out to a Precision Coating representative who will guide you through the process. Based on years of experience, and sampling many products, we can offer market recommendations for what suits your needs for any specified application. Contact us now to obtain samples for your evaluation!